Useful information

Useful information

For riding wear something comfortable – the best solution would be a riding suit which is not a brand new. Thin gloves, sun protection creme, an insect repellant, sunglasses and waterproof clothing would be useful on longer treks.
It is recommended to take along on horseback only a small bag for a water bottle, camera, etc. The rest of package will be taken to the places where we stop by car.

You will enjoy riding if you feel yourself comfortable in all paces and have some experience in riding open landscape. We mainly trot and walk but also enjoy long canters. The topography is good for riding and the horses are good-natured. We will ride on quiet roads in the woods, guided by a tour leader. You will get a horse appropriate for your level of experience and you can take care of your own horse.

Tack is English and the horses local (Estonian an Toric horses and some crossbreeds).

Food is a traditional local Estonian: meat, fish, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, milk products, etc.
Please inform if you have any special wishes to food (vegetarian, allergic, etc.)
Alcoholic drinks are not included in the price.

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